Hi. I'm Nik.
A Developer.

As a driven lead software engineer and co-founder, I am dedicated to leveraging technology and education to create positive change and shape a more equitable future.

The O(1) of Me

Passionate Software Engineer driven by curiosity and a deep commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.

Hi, I'm Nik

I am a full-stack developer, aspiring data scientist, and student. I enjoy messing with data and building things that make people's lives easier.

These days, I'm busy working at a startup, managing my nonprofit, and balancing my studies as a dual enrollment student.

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Discover my professional achievements and contributions as a Software Engineer, shaping cutting-edge solutions with a passion for innovation.

  1. Lead Developer @Noveltor

  2. Chief Financial Officer / Co-Founder @Arafa Tech Foundation

  3. Web Developer Intern @The Esport Company

Who am I?


Explore my portfolio of innovative engineering projects, blending creativity and technical expertise for impactful solutions.

Quotes Generation

Creating captivating quotes from a single word input using the power of AI and Mathematics

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Quotes Generation

Developer Discords

An online collection of developer related discord servers — find your next community!

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Developer Discords

University Life Analysis

A statistical analysis and neural network used to analyze and predict student satisfaction and stress levels

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University Life Analysis
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